dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Back from the dead!
Wow more then a half year ago and still kicking. Got myself at the deadline and finished The Fifth Element project. Pretty happy with it and still need a few updates here and there when I got time to spare.Working hard on getting the Resident Evil project done and it's starting to look pretty good. Created Raccoon City part that goes to the police station. The map will not be all the same as the game. This whole project will  look a different from the games and will have a different story as character. Maybe a few cameos from certain characters but who knows we'll see! Got progress on 3 maps and i'm trying to add as much as possible details. I'm still looking for a con coder who can help me out finishing this and bring something interesting to the community both Resident Evil and Duke Nukem fans. Till next time! Keep you updated..

This is the release of The Fourth Element:
Link for download: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/9171-the-4-elements/

*New York City, Brooklyn 2263*

*New York City, Brooklyn 2263*

 And a few shot from Resident Evil project:

*Raccoon City Streets*

*Raccoon City Streets*

*Raccoon City Police Station*

dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Hmm so back to business. I haven't been here in for a while.

Been doing allot of thinking lately, stuff that have been going on in my personel life and
i have found motivation for getting some of my old project done if it's possible. Four projects
that i had uploaded on the forums of duke4.net kept me coming back for a reason because i really wanted to proof myself that i can finish something. So I have found light in of of them because the settings of the project is brighter then the other three. I thought why not give it a shot i try to put a deadline so you have something to work and to finish.

One of my first ever project was The Fifth Element. Didn't had any ideas in the beginning that I just wanted to see a futuristic city that had flyingcars (hovering). Now that i had some little help i got further then any map that i worked on. And that is a great accomplishment if everything goes well.
Now the project is almost done and hopefully i'll release it this end of the month or somewhere next month.

Till next update

zondag 23 juni 2013

This is something I have been struggling with sometime now. Basically the idea of making something that that takes place in the Batman universe. In the beginning the idea was simple that you start with the duke nukem character. Something like this: Duke has offered himself to be Santa this year in MAYFIELD Mall in
Gotham City. While duke is making his way over to Gotham City, his car crashes almost of a cliff hitting something he can't be sure what it was. Thinking now almost a year without any alien activity hopefully getting some rest and a holiday vacation. The story would continue with that you would be exploring locations that you have seen from the Dark Knight movie.

Dark Knight Bunker
Location you exploring locations like the Arkham Asylum and city part locations. The mod would be eventually to big and to long to work on so i thought about making a little simpler. I have changed allot of things since since then. The main story is that you are a political prisoner inside Arkham City. You would need to find a way to escape the prison by doing some tasks. There is only little thing I'm little worried about that i don't get trouble with the Copyright for this mod.

Here are a just little taste of how the mod looks like:

Till next time!

vrijdag 17 mei 2013

Dear reader,

This is a blog where i'm going to post some  of my own work . In my free time i do allot of level design for Duke3d (eduke32 these days) I'm working on allot of things because i always get new ideas for a map or a mod. In the past i have released one map, it's based on The The Matrix (check the link http://dev.gamebanana.com/maps/68884) still feel that it needs a update.

zondag 3 april 2011

Fresh update, I'm working on all kinds of movie based maps and I'm trying to combine everything i can. Here you can see one of my upcoming map that is based on Akira, Bladerunner, Terminator.