zondag 23 juni 2013

This is something I have been struggling with sometime now. Basically the idea of making something that that takes place in the Batman universe. In the beginning the idea was simple that you start with the duke nukem character. Something like this: Duke has offered himself to be Santa this year in MAYFIELD Mall in
Gotham City. While duke is making his way over to Gotham City, his car crashes almost of a cliff hitting something he can't be sure what it was. Thinking now almost a year without any alien activity hopefully getting some rest and a holiday vacation. The story would continue with that you would be exploring locations that you have seen from the Dark Knight movie.

Dark Knight Bunker
Location you exploring locations like the Arkham Asylum and city part locations. The mod would be eventually to big and to long to work on so i thought about making a little simpler. I have changed allot of things since since then. The main story is that you are a political prisoner inside Arkham City. You would need to find a way to escape the prison by doing some tasks. There is only little thing I'm little worried about that i don't get trouble with the Copyright for this mod.

Here are a just little taste of how the mod looks like:

Till next time!

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