dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Hmm so back to business. I haven't been here in for a while.

Been doing allot of thinking lately, stuff that have been going on in my personel life and
i have found motivation for getting some of my old project done if it's possible. Four projects
that i had uploaded on the forums of duke4.net kept me coming back for a reason because i really wanted to proof myself that i can finish something. So I have found light in of of them because the settings of the project is brighter then the other three. I thought why not give it a shot i try to put a deadline so you have something to work and to finish.

One of my first ever project was The Fifth Element. Didn't had any ideas in the beginning that I just wanted to see a futuristic city that had flyingcars (hovering). Now that i had some little help i got further then any map that i worked on. And that is a great accomplishment if everything goes well.
Now the project is almost done and hopefully i'll release it this end of the month or somewhere next month.

Till next update

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